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Payzer is an exciting, financial services technology company, located in the heart of South Charlotte, North Carolina.

We're a fun loving, hard working, family-oriented team with an aim to be Charlotte's next big success story. Our product is an All-In-One Financial Tool that helps contractors grow their business!



Take advantage of easy to use, secure, reliable mobile readers for mobile phones and tablets on both Apple and Android platforms.

  Business Personal

Accept Payments

Accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks in the field or at the home office, with real-time tracking across your organization.

  Business Personal
Visa/MC/Discover Credit & Debit Cards  
Recurring Payments & Payment Plans  
Mobile Card Swipe  
Remotely Pay Another User  
Real-time Transaction Tracking  
Automatic Email Receipts  
Secure Card Vault  

Instant Credit

Provide instant financing up to $55,000 using your mobile phone, tablet, or PC instantly!

  Business Personal
Instant Consumer Financing
Submit Applications by Mobile App, Online, Voice  
Loan and Price Calculators  

Payzer Debit Accounts & Cards

Control purchases by giving employees Visa Debit Purchasing Cards rather than a company credit card.

  Business Personal
Owners Account
FDIC Insured Prepaid Debit Account
Owners Visa Cards
Unrestricted Purchases/Cash Access
Employee Visa Cards
Restrict Use For Purchases Only
Real-time Transaction History  
Real-time Balance Updates  
Text Message Balance Inquiry  

Make Payments

Make payments to other Payzer users, and make bill payments to anyone.*

  Business Personal
Visa/MC/Discover Credit & Debit Cards
Make Payments To Other Payzer Debit Users
Register Cards
Remotely Pay Another User
Bill Pay *
*Bill Pay coming soon.

Administrative Control Features

Enjoy low-cost, secure cloud-based technology enabling you to share and control information securely across your organization, real-time!

  Business Personal
Quickbooks Synchronization  
User Permissions  
Real-time Purchase History & Search  
Download Transaction Data  
Electronic Invoice & Statement Distribution  
Email Payment Requests  
Access To Customer Email Addresses  

A fair, transparent deal.

  • No Annual Fees
  • No Surcharge Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Signup Or Application Fees
  • No Hidden Fees. Period.

Payzer is absolutely FREE for Personal Users

Visa, MasterCard, Discover Pricing

Regulated Debit Cards   1.39%
Other Cards Swiped   2.59%
Other Cards NOT Swiped   2.99%
Corporate, Commercial, and Government cards   2.99%
** plus network and reward card pass-thru costs Learn More
** American Express optional Learn More
*** Electronic Checks optional Learn More
**** Inactive accounts will be assessed a $20 monthly fee

Pricing Details

  1. Visa/MasterCard/Discover Network Pass-thru Costs
    • Assessments (0.12% - 0.14%)
      • Visa: 0.13%
      • Mastercard < $1000 monthly volume: 0.12%
      • Mastercard >= $1000 monthly volume: 0.14%
      • Discover: 0.13%
    • Other Network Pass-thru Fees may apply
      • Visa FANF Fee - The Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF) is a direct pass-through fee from Visa on a merchant Taxpayer ID basis (TIN). The rate assessed to each Taxpayer ID will be determined based on channel and Merchant Category Code (MCC). The FANF applies to all Merchant Service Providers in the United States.
      • Mastercard Digital Enablement Fee
      • Commercial Card Data Fee
  2. American Express Pricing (Optional):
    • < $75: 2.59% + $0.10 per transaction
    • $75 - $1,000: 2.79% + $0.10 per transaction
    • > $1,000: 3.19% + $0.10 per transaction
    • plus 0.30% for transactions that are not swiped
  3. Card Swipe pricing applies to "Qualified Cards." Corporate Cards, Business Cards, and some rewards cards are "Non-Qualified" and will be processed at the Card Not Present Rate. Reward cards will also be assessed an incremental 0.11% pass-through cost.
  4. The Inactive Account fee will be charged to any account that is inactive for 3 consecutive months. You can avoid the "Inactive Account Fee" by using the system during the prior month to: (1) Submit 3 new loan applications, OR (2) Process $10,000 in credit/debit card volume, OR (3) Run 25 non-recurring check transactions.

E-Check Pricing

  • Mobile check deposit and one-time ACH debit
    • Up to $10,000.00: $1.00 per transaction
    • $10,000.00 and above: $5.00 per transaction
  • Recurring Payments: $0.25 per transaction

Joe Giordano

Co-founder / Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder and Chief Architect of Payzer, LLC. Senior Payments and Retail Executive with ExxonMobil and Bank of America for more than 25 years, and a strategic payments consultant with Fortune 500 clients including Verizon. Chief architect of Speedpass, one of the earliest cloud-based wallets, successfully implemented with 6MM users in the U.S., Canada, and Tokyo. Recognized leadership in mobile payments including the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company; named one of the Top 30 Retail Executives by RIS News during 2002, nominated for KPMG Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999, and received Mobil Oil Corporation's Presidents Award in 1997.

Doug Little

Co-Founder/President Business Development

Co-Founder responsible for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, and a Senior Financial Services Executive with more than 20 years of experience. Doug focused the last seven years on credit solutions for the building materials industry where he developed strategic partnerships with the nation's largest suppliers and manufacturers (Pro-Sales Top 100) including True Value, Ace Hardware, Shaw Flooring, Pella Windows, and the building materials trade associations. Previously, Doug spent 13 years as employee #3 for the NASD leading market maker, Knight Trading Group, creating innovative trading and operations solutions for Institutional Clients.

Chris Halligan

VP Sales and Marketing

Responsible for Sales and Marketing as well as an investor in Payzer, LLC. Experienced technology executive with long track record of successful performance. Held various sales and marketing roles for Dell in 90's, including leadership of Dell's initial B2B online business unit, which transacted over $2B in online revenue in 1999. Ran North American operations for webMethods, which experienced a tremendously successful IPO in 2000. Served publicly traded PokerTek as CEO and achieved launch of world's first automated poker room in 2008. On founding team of Kieden (2006) and getfeedback (2014), both of which achieved successful private exits.

Brad Pritchard

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for Technology Development & Production Systems. Broad and varied background developing, supporting, and maintaining enterprise-grade systems. History of working with startups, mid-size companies, and Fortune 500 clients including Southwest Airlines, Verizon Wireless, and Bank of America. Well-versed and proficient in a broad spectrum of technologies, but most satisfied by delivering easy-to-use systems that delight customers and make their lives easier.

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